Frequently Asked Questions


What is The Sport Pick?

The Sport Pick is a play money only, sports betting simulator.

Why do people use The Sport Pick?

People use The Sport Pick for all sorts of reasons. Some people like the challenge of betting, but don’t want to gamble with real money, others like to practise sports betting before making a real deposit. Most of our users, however, participate with their friends in our exciting league format.

Can I deposit on The Sport Pick?

No! We don’t take deposits, or ask for your payment details ever! We’re all about the fun, without the financial risk! If you insist on betting for real then our preferred sites are ….. for US betters, and …… for European betters.

So is The Sport Pick gambling?

No! While we offer prizes on occasion, we never ask for payment in any form. We are categorically not a gambling site!

But can I use The Sport Pick to gamble with friends?

Whether or not groups of friends decide to wager money on the results of private league competitions is neither endorsed or condemned by The Sport Pick.

Betting and Settling

What can I bet on using my Sport Pick play money?

We have lines on every NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL game, as well as most major NCAAF and NCAAB games.

Where do the lines come from?

Our lines are the industry average lines, and updated every minute so you can be assured of accuracy to real sports betting.

What if the line changes after I place a bet?

Just like in Vegas, if the line changes, you get the odds at the time you placed your bet.

When will my bet be settled?

Your bet will be settled shortly after the game ended.

Do you odds include a VIG (house edge)?

Yes – in order to be accurate to the Vegas experience, all our odds take into account a theoretical house edge. If we didn’t it would do our users a disservice and show winnings that would be higher than if betting in Vegas.

What do odds mean and how do they work?

Read our guide to understanding American odds here.


How much does it cost to join a league?

Nothing, it’s free.

What sports can I make a league for?

You can make a league for any of the sports on our platform (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAAF, NCAAB).

Can my league cover multiple sports?

Currently we offer one sport leagues only, but we’re developing the functionality to do multiple sports in one league so watch this space.

How long does a league last?

The most popular leagues are season-long as it’s the best test of true betting ability, but you can also do a one week or one month league.

What happens if I run out of money in my league?

Bad luck! You’re chance at winning this league is over, but feel free to join a new league and try improve.

How do I win a league?

The default setting is that the most money at the league end date wins, but your admin can choose to make it based on winning % if s/he pleases.

Do I need to have a minimum number of bets throughout the season to win?

This is up to your league admin, but we recommend a minimum of 150 bets of a season for the best game play. this is to stop a player winning their first bet and not playing, and in order to reward the true best picker. All our in-house competitions are set to this default.

If there a minimum and maximum bet amount in a league?

We recommend a range of $100 – $1000, and implement this in our in-house challenges, but your admin can choose this range.

Your Account

How much play money do I get when I open an account?


What happens if I run out of money?

You can reset your account at any time, this will reset your balance but you’ll also lose your stats!

Will you share my personal data?

No, we will never share your email address or other personal data.

What do I do if I forgot my password?

Shoot us an email to …… and we’ll send you a new password ASAP.