How it works

TheSportPick allows you to create competition among your friends by utilizing our platform to create leagues. We provide the games, the leagues, the scoring, you provide the fun. We pride ourselves in providing the best weekly, monthly, or season long sports leagues experience in the market.

How it works

1. Create a League

Start by joining up either an existing league, or creating your own league with your friends. Our comprehensive process assists in figuring out the best type of league for your group of friends, and their expertise.

If creating a new league, you will be prompted on the next screen to set the min. bet, max. bet, number of players, min. number of bets required to win, time of competition (1 weeek, 1 month, or season), and the starting budget. TheSportPick currently offers competition in MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, College Basketball & College Football.

In addition to these customized private leagues, TheSportPick also offers public leagues. The public leagues compete for season-long prizes.

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2. Invite Friends & Make Picks


Once you have joined a league, you can place bets by clicking on My Leagues > Games. You may choose either the Over/Under (O/U) or the Spread for that night. Over/Under is the projection of whether the combined total score will finish Over the combined score offered or Under. The Spread is the difference in points the game will complete, either above or below the spread offered.

The Spread allows for the game to be adjusted for differences in talent between two teams. For example, if the Cleveland Cavaliers were playing the Philadelphia 76ers, the spread may be -20, meaning Cleveland would need to win by more than 20 points in order for this bet to be a winner.

For the MLB, what is instead offered, seen in the example to the left, is the Moneyline, meaning a player will choose the winner for that game. A minus sign (-) before the number indicates a favorite, while a plus sign (+) indicates an underdog.

Players will enter in the amount they want to risk from their budget, following the min./max. betting rules set forth by their league administrator.

3. Compete

Once your league is created, and your friends have joined, players will make picks based on the league they have joined. For example, if it is an NBA league, players will pick NBA games for that single day, and can choose any number of games offered that day up until the start of the game.

Check back the leaderboard throughout the period of your leagues competition in order to track how well you are doing against all of your competitors. If you fall behind, you may want to risk more of your budget. But be careful! If you risk too much, you could lose everything and finish at zero!

Depending on your league administrator’s preference, you can get back into the competition with a more limited initial budget. Remember, the winner of the competition is based on the final profit, so even if you get out, you still have a chance. You will need to just become better at The Sport Pick!

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